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Kels’ In-Home services is an in-home Supportive Care Agency that provide services in the client’s home with the goal of enabling the client to remain home.

About Us

We Provide an Ideal Home Environment

kels in-home Care is a Cds-Consumer Directed Services  that we offer Local, caring and knowledgeable, we are all about making you feel empowered in your home. Your comfort zone, your hours, your choices, yourk els in-home routine.

Company’s Mission

We provide Home Care services

Our purpose is to provide an affordable home care service that will help the clients remain in the privacy and comfort of their own home. We want to improve our clients’ quality of life and wellness by allowing them to remain in their resident.
Our company believes it is the little things one can do that can make all of the differences in a person’s life.


Our Core Services

Does your family members or friends help you around your home. If so did you know they can get paid for their devotion, while you continue receiving care from your loved ones. Our consumer directed service CDS program allows you to hire family or friends as your caregivers.

Services include but not limited to:


Medication Management

Medication Management Is A Strategy For Engaging With Patients To Create A Complete And Accurate Medication

Personal Hygiene

Good Personal Hygiene Is One Of The Best Ways To Protect Yourself From Getting Gastro Or Infectious Diseases

Respite care

Respite Care Provides Parents And Other Caregivers With Short-term Child Care Services That Offer Temporary Relief

Personal care

Personal Care Or Toiletries Are Consumer Products Used In Personal Hygiene, Personal Grooming


The Activity Of Cleaning And Preparing Rooms For Customers Often Used Before Another Noun Housekeeping

Meal Preparation

Meal Prep Is The Practice Of Preparing The Key Elements Of A Dish (Think: Grains, Roasted Veggies, Cooked Protein

Consumer Directed Services

Hire a relative, neighbor, or friend that you love and trust. With Cds-Consumer Directed Services is a service that we offer

Sensitivity is in our blood

A team of expertly trained staff will ensure that everything is handled with the utmost sensitivity. Patience, kindness and care will be the undercurrent of every phone call, email and interaction.


What Our Clients Say

Taking my afternoon walk with my grandson. We’re talking politics, I'm feeling refreshed and he's earning money.
Edith Quincy
Taking my afternoon walk with my grandson. We’re talking politics, I'm feeling refreshed and he's earning money.
John Doe
Thank you Lisa for being on top of my meds. Your friendship is priceless to me. #CDS #Home Care
Michelle J.

Get In Touch With Us

Whether you are looking for care services or you would like to be a care worker, we look forward to answering any question you may have. Please contact us and you will be happy you did.